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Nobeoka Jump

New FLOWERS in Nobeoka
Howard Ahner May 28, 2009
The Wonderful Means of Surmounting Obstacles
You, yourself, are a true Buddha who possesses the three enlightened properties
New WOODART by Howard Ahner
New FLOWERS in Nobeoka
Keiko Ahner's Apple Boy Painting
Kei-Paintings by Keiko Ahner
A Special Friend in Mimitsu
He Often Shines in Nobeoka
Yudai Yano Drew This Cool Picture of Howard Ahner
Ayaka's Pose Here is Extra-Ordinary
Harris Kutsunai and Howard Ahner Go On Tozan in 1979
Family From California
The Ahner Eikaiwa Nobeoka Show
Itai Doushin
Heisei Drawings
At Peare
Hikari Jidou Club, Kitaura
Nobeoka Marches On
Mimitsu Hanami
Nobeoka Mounds
Nobeoka Shiohama
Howard Ahner Shows Actual Proof
Kirin Asahi Blend
Kitaura-Students - English
I had an idea to teach English on this boat in Mimitsu Cho, but my wife had other ideas.
We were going to study English in the old Daiei Building in Nobeoka, but it was bulldozed down.
We would like to design a treehouse and build it in the city of Nobeoka, Japan.
We talked about a newspaper company in Nobeoka called The Yukan Daily.
We joked and conversed at a restaurant in Nobeoka called Torisen.
Many of the kids living in Kitaura speak to me in the English languge.
We asked the manager of A-Price in Minami Nobeoka if we could use a spare room to teach English in.

The Birth of Tsukimaro


I received the message that your baby was born. Congratulations! It is especially significant that today is the eighth day of the month. Not only have you had your baby, but on such an auspicious day! The fulfillment of your wish is now complete, just like the tide at the high water mark or the blossoming of flowers in a spring meadow. Thus, I have wasted no time in giving her a name. Please call her Tsukimaro.


The Great Bodhisattva Hachiman, the sovereign deity of this country, was born on the eighth day of the fourth month. Shakyamuni Buddha, the lord of this saha world, was also born on the eighth day of the fourth month. Your baby girl was born on the eighth day, though in a different month. She could well be the reincarnation of Shakyamuni or Hachiman. Ordinary man that I am, I, Nichiren, have no way to tell for certain, but I am convinced that this auspicious birth is attributable to the mystic agent I gave you. How happy you both must be! In celebration, you have kindly sent me rice cakes, sake and one string of coins. I also reported this to the Gohonzon and the Ten Goddesses.


When the Buddha was born, there were thirty-two auspicious phenomena, as is recorded in a book called Shusho no Iki. Shakyamuni Buddha took seven steps immediately following his birth, opened his mouth and uttered the words, expressed in sixteen Chinese characters: "Throughout heaven and earth, I alone am worthy of respect. The threefold world is a place of suffering from which I shall save all people." Tsukimaro must have chanted Nam-myoho-renge-kyo with her very first cry at birth. The Lotus Sutra speaks of "the true entity of all phenomena." T’ien-t’ai says, "Voices do the Buddha’s work." The deaf cannot hear the thunder, and the blind cannot see the light of the sun and moon. But I, Nichiren, am quite certain that the Ten Goddesses must be together side by side, giving the baby her first bath and watching over her growth.


Let me heartily congratulate you. I can imagine your joy. I have respectfully reported this to the Ten Goddesses and to the Sun Goddess. I am too excited to write any more. I shall be writing you again.




English Teacher: Howard Ahner Tel: 0982-34-5666
English Teacher: Howard Ahner Tel: 0982-34-5666

Ayaka Matsumoto



Yui and Mai



Yasuko Iwakiri

Ami and Hiroko



Tohmi Nobeoka